An Uong

‘An Uong’ is the host with the most: warm, vibrant, outgoing and familiar. The concept of An Uong is about the unity and bonds that are formed through the simple act of eating and drinking together. 

Eating and drinking are well ingrained in Vietnamese culture. It is the fabric of daily life that brings co-workers, families and friends closer together and creates a way for life-long connections to be made with new friends. 

An Uong was born in Melbourne by three friends from different parts of Vietnam. Each share a passion for flavoursome food that complements drinking and can be enjoyed by everyone. They want to share fresh and flavourful dishes that they grew up eating and loving. 

Creating a fun environment that evokes the experience of eating and drinking in Vietnam. Memories of sitting on tiny plastic chairs, sweating away in the balmy night air, drinking with friends and sharing tasty food that encourages cheers, laughs and smiles. 

Eat. Drink. Vietnam.

Brand strategy: Eleena Tan & Michael Tan / Creative direction: Olivia Chen / Graphic design: Eleanor Downie